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Quality Soy Candles by Soy Serenity , Don't Settle For less !

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                        Large Jar Candle                          Price $25-$28                             (XL) $17.49 (longer burn time)
                      Medium Jar Candle                      Price $21-$25                             (L)   $13.99 (longer burn time)
Small Jar Candle                        Price  $8-$11                              (S)   $6.39                
Tea Lights (10-12pk)                   Price  $7-$10                              (10pk) $4.19           
          Wax Melts (1oz-2.5oz)                   Price  $1.89-$4.99                     (2.5oz) $2.99                      


2oz (14 hour) Travel Tin  Sale ($2.00) Mix and Match    
                         Premium Scented w/ (natural essential oils)                                    
                            (85% Soot Free) 100% Vegetable Soy Based Wax                                         

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Indulge Yourself - Premium Artisan Lemongrass Sage Scented Candles

Apple Crumble Anyone?  Every Soy Serenity Candle Is Backed By Our Money-Back Guarantee!

Remember With Candles Scent is Everthing! We pride ourselves with being a Eco-Pure Naturally Scented Candle. Check out our romantic relaxing essential oil scent combinations.